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  1. How will I know if I have to submit Certified Payrolls to Housing and Urban Development (HUD)? All contractors and sub-contractors involved in a federally funded project in excess of $2,000.00 are required to submit certified payrolls to HUD.  The GC or Sub who has contracted with you is responsible for sharing this information with you PRIOR to the bidding phase.

  2. How do I submit the payrolls? HUD now requires weekly electronic submission of certified payrolls.  You must register your business and enter all employees into the Elation Systems online at

  3. What if I don't have a computer?  You will need to purchase a computer or find access to one.  Because personal and confidential information is on the payrolls we discourage the use of public computers such as those in a library or internet cafe.

  4. Are there any other options to submit my payrolls?  Payrolls must be submitted either electronically via the Elation Systems or manually, depending on the funding source.  Concrete Pay Services, LLC will submit your certified payrolls each week for a reasonable fee.

  5. Why can't I just have my employee or a relative input the information in the computer for me?  The process involves more than just data entry.  The person who enters the information for certified payrolls into the system will need to know and understand the federal regulations regarding the Davis Bacon Act, The Copeland Act, The Fair Labor Standards Act, etc. 

  6. So how can I get my information to Concrete Pay Services so they can provide this service?  After a brief enrollment service (where you formally contract with our company) we can begin immediately.  We will send you an email informing you of what we need to get you registered in Elations and to set up your certified payrolls.  Thereafter, we will need the hours, days and pay your workers receive every week.  You can email, fax or text us with this information.

  7. What if my crew and I don't work for several weeks, but return to the project at a later date?  HUD requires submission of certified payrolls even if you don't work on the project, but are still assigned to the project.  If you know in advance that you won't be back on the job for several weeks, then we will submit your “no work” payrolls for a nominal fee. 

  8. Can I submit my payrolls bi-weekly since that is how I pay my crew?  Davis Bacon requires submission of certified payrolls every week.  It also requires payment to workers on a weekly, not bi-weekly basis. 

  9. What if I don't do my payrolls?  The general contractor or HUD will stop further payments to you until you have met the requirement to submit the certified payrolls.  If you are a contractor who is in violation of non-submittal, then you can be debarred and prohibited from bidding or working on any prevailing wage projects for up to 3 years.

  10. So, how do I get started?  Call or text us at 919-280-7642 to find out how we can help you. Even if you aren't sure about using our services, feel free to call us with questions you may have regarding certified payrolls and the Davis Bacon Act.


We realize you have other options when it comes to submitting your certified payrolls and we thank you for considering Concrete Pay Services as one of those options.  We'd like to remind you that with all of the services out there, we are one of the very few that will actually process and submit the payrolls for you; saving you time, energy and possible rejection of your documents by HUD.  Most services only offer you software, still leaving you with the responsibility of doing the data entry, figuring out the submission process and keeping up with the ever-changing federal regulations and guidelines.  So, before you make your decision, ask yourself if you'd rather be scratching your head in frustration while at a computer, or would you rather be on the job site doing what you do best.


**Electronic submission of Certified Payrolls is currently only required of Contractors who have direct HUD contracts and HUD is the funding agency.  Other federally funded contracts still have to submit certified payrolls, but those payrolls are hard copies and the originals need to be submitted to the local agency that is providing the funding.  If you are a Sub-Contractor, check with the General Contractor to find out where and how to submit your certified payrolls.

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