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Employee Information Form

Click the Word Doc above and complete the form online.  Send the completed forms to us and we will begin entering the information into Elation Systems or complete the hard copy forms. 


PHONE: 919-280-7642

FAX: 866-580-7587


Weekly Payroll Form for 1099 Workers

Use this form to submit your weekly payrolls to us for your 1099 workers.  Once we receive them, we'll submit it to Elation Systems or complete the hard copy forms. If your crew has taxes and other deductions on their pay, we use copies of their actual pay stubs.


Did you know that if you're working on a Federally Funded Project, you may be required to submit your Certified Payrolls into Elation Systems?


Elation Systems is a web based system which allows contractors and sub-contractors to enter their employee information and certified payrolls online. The information goes directly to HUD (Housing and Urban Development).


Weekly submission of certified payrolls are required whether they are completed through Elations or hard copy.  The process is the same for both.


If you find that you don't have time for certified payroll submission, let Concrete Pay Services do it for you.  Give us a call and find out how we can help!





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