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How To Pay For Our Services

HQS Inspections:

Payment for our Services is designed to be simple, non-complex, and fair. Concrete Pay Services charges the standard federal fee of $250.00 per HQS Inspection (follow-up inspection included; virtual or in-person)

Loan Signing Agent Services:

To be determined by the LSA and Contracting or Lending Company.

Certified Payrolls:

Initial set-up and Registration in Elations- $200.00 - (this includes entering sub-contractor and up to FIVE (5) current employees; $15.00 per additional employee).

Certificate of Authorization-Notarized Statement-$60.00

Additional Classification/ Conformance Request (HUD Form 1444)-$50.00

Weekly Certified Payroll input:

  • 1-5 workers-$50.00 per week

  • 6-10 workers-$65.00 per week

  • 11-15 workers-$90.00 per week

  • 16+ workers-$115.00 per week

  • "No Work" week- $20.00 (this is for one week or consecutive weeks-same price for both!)

  • Adding new workers-$25.00 per worker

  • Hard Copies of Certified Payrolls- $10.00 additional fee per payroll-this includes manual data input, signing, printing, and mailing payrolls to the General Contractor as required under the Davis Bacon Act.  We will retain electronic copies of manually submitted payrolls for 3 years should you need them for future reference.


Additional fees for consultation & requests for urgent payrolls needed on completed projects: $50.00 per hour. 

Other services will be reasonably priced on a case-by-case basis.

Payment is due upon receipt of an invoice from Concrete Pay Services, LLC.  Invoices offer you the option of paying by Pay Pal, Debit, Credit or Check. All checks should be payable to Concrete Pay Services, LLC.  We never have access to your banking or card information and all transactions are confidential.  Thank you for your business!







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